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Bride and Groom “most gracious” for 7 day

One week of luxury hospitality package
• An exclusive coordinator (interpreter) will be available for 7 days.
• A private car for 7 day-pick up at airport, sightseeing, up to send-off.
• An exclusive photographer shooting from the airport arrival until departure. Present 2000 photo data
with a 100-page photograph collection. Wedding location shooting everywhere.
• Experience Japanese culture
• A Japanese traditional bridal gown (Kimono), 3 Luxury Wedding Dresses
of Europe 2 stylish tuxedos
• A ceremony at your favorite hall is available to be performed
• All hotels are deluxe twin or semi suite room
• With all meals Hokkaido food is fully enjoyed from the high-class
wedding dinner to a crab, sushi, and ramen noodles etc.
• Every day while traveling is also your honeymoon.